Siemens TIA Portal Step 7 for 300/400/1200/1500

Siemens TIA Portal Step 7 for 300/400/1200/1500
(Modules 1-4)
Duration: 4 days
Audience: Anyone needing to maintain or program an S7 system using TIA Step 7
Prerequisites: Basic Computer Skills

Course Outline

Module 1

This module serves as an introduction to the hardware and software of the TIA Portal system and the tools used during the class. At the completion of the module, you will have created a project that you will use for the balance of the class and commissioned either a real PLC or a simulation.


  1. System Overview
  2. Software Introduction
  3. Project Management
  4. PG Interface
  5. Creating a Project
  6. Memory Introduction
  7. Memory Layout
  10. Class HMI
  11. Downloading
  12. Watch Table

Module 2

After the completion of this module, you will have created, and modified data blocks used for the duration of the course. The core instruction set of all PLC system will be introduced and program blocks edited. Lastly reference data and navigation tools will be explored.


  1. Numbering Systems
  2. Data Blocks
  3. Bit Level Instructions
  4. Timers
  5. Counters
  6. Reference Data

Module 3

This module will explore data manipulation. First as a source of numeric data, analog SM modules will be introduced. This will be followed by math and comparison operations. Finally, the concept of reusable program blocks will be explored.


  1. Analog IO
  2. Math
  3. Compare Instructions
  4. FC and FB Blocks
  5. Trace Function

Module 4

This is the last module of the course! Today, you will have a look at the other OB blocks available, as well as, configure some IO on a fieldbus. Forcing and troubleshooting a system will be covered. Next, we will take a look at the ability to create your own libraries to make programming easier. A quick review of the display feature on the S7-1500 family will conclude the course.


  1. OB Blocks
  2. Configuring FieldBus Devices
  3. Forcing
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. Libraries
  6. S7-1500 Display Menu

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